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At The Costume Room, we realize that ours is a unique business, and you may have a number of questions for us.  Here are some of your answers...

About Theatrical Costume Rentals

  • My child is in a play and needs a costume, do you rent individually?
    • Yes!  As long as the costumes are n0t being reserved for another group.
  • "I will have the costume cleaned before returning it to you!"  
    • While we understand that this is completely out of good intentions on your part, please don't.  You will be responsible for any damage that occurs in the process, and we don't want to risk that possibility.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness, though!
  • How long can we keep the costumes?
    • The initial rental period for theatrical costume rentals is 7 days.  You may rent the costumes longer if they are available, and the additional cost is 50% per 1-7 day period after the initial rental.  Example:  If one costume rental costs $100 for the initial period, then an additional single day, up to 7 days, would cost an additional $50.
  • The costumes were a huge hit!  Everyone loved them! (How can we help spread the word?)
    • I'm so glad that the costumes were a success!  We couldn't do it without the talented actors who wear them!  Spread the word on social media, give us a great review on Facebook, or Google, or Yelp.  Tell your theatre friends and directors about us!  The more succesful our business is, the more costumes we can supply for more shows! Win/win!
  • Can I rent your costumes for my child's party at a different location?
    • Our costumes are unique to  The Costume Room.  We only rent for theatrical purposes.

about sewing workshops

  • My child has no experience with sewing machines.  Can she still take a class?
    • Of course!  We teach each child at his or her level.
  • What kinds of projects do the students do?
    • We choose projects that are geared toward students' interests, popularity, and ability to be done by students at most levels of sewing experience.
  • How big are your workshops for kids?
    • We like to keep it small so the students get enough attention with their individual work.  At this time, we are capping class size at 8.
  • How much is the materials fee?
    • Projects are shown and described on our Workshop Projects page.  Session time is paid for under Register.  You can add the project to your order there.
  • Do you sell sewing machines?
    • We do not.  I teach children how to sew for the love of teaching kids and sewing!
  • My daughter wants to have a sewing party.  Can you help us figure out what to do?
    • Yes!  We keep the projects simple for sewing parties.  Check out the Private Workshops page for more info.
  • My teen really loves sewing, but her schedule is a little unpredictable.  Do you have any special deals for teens?


  • Are there age restrictions on the sewing parties?

    • The birthday child can have a party with us when she is turning 6 or up.  The important thing to note here is that the parties here are strictly for the children. There is not room for all of the guests' parents to attend, and we do not staff the parties to host the guests' parents.  If you think that your guests' parents will not be comfortable leaving their child at the party, then you may want to wait another year for the opportunity to party with us. We will look forward to it! 

  • What are the size limits for costume parties?

    • Parties are limited to 12 participants maximum; 10 or less is better. We believe in quality over quantity.  

  • What can we do for food and drinks?

    • We can suggest a pizza place to order pizza from, and you can bring cake and individual water bottles. No other food or drinks are permitted. You host this part of the party and rent the room for that half hour. Or, you only have the sewing session part of the party with us, and eat at a different location.

  • What other requirements are there for our party guests?

    • All participants must have a party waiver signed by an adult who is the child's legal guardian.  This is standard procedure at most children's party businesses.